About Us



Women of Color Cultural Foundation (WOCCF) builds community and solidarity among women to serve those individuals and families at higher risk.


WOCCF builds alliances and networks across cultures to bring about sustained intellectual, cultural and economic advancement for the marginalized and disenfranchised.


WOCCF strives to foster a space for cross-cultural learning and solidarity.


WOCCF enhances intellectual, physical, financial, and social resources to address the social determinants differences that reduce the disparities and inequities for people of color.


WOCCF intentionally invest resources towards women of color seeking secondary education, who lack economic security and opportunity, and/or equitable access to health care and services.


WOCCF intentionally engage driven and passionate professionals committed to effectively strengthen communities of color.  Engaging in board service also offers multiple advantages and opportunities to those seeking personal and/or professional growth. Through board service, you will expand your network, strengthen your personal profile, sharpen your business acumen, and enhance your project and team management skills.



Building a Bridge to Close the Economic Gap

What We Do


In addition to the various successful programs we provide, to help women succeed, we also invest in researching to identify the most pressing issues facing women for the solutions to address those issues. We provide education to legislators to make informed decisions about issues that will change the context and improve the overall quality of life for communities of color.


WOCCF encourages women as emerging leaders to expand their skills, experience, and confidence to influence, organize, and direct positive change within their organization and community.


WOCCF mentors women to excel at identifying common needs, networking, collaborating, knowledge sharing and professional growth.


We seek to expand economic security to all women of color so that they can care for themselves and their families.


    • Annual Gala Extravaganza
    • September 11th Commemoration
    • Adolescents Choosing Excellence (ACE)
    • Youth Summit
    • Cultural Appreciation
    • Equity Disparities
    • Community Service Activity
    • Financial Literacy
    • Post Secondary Education
    • Affordable Housing Sustainability
    • Medicad and Medicare Education
    • Retirement Planning
    • Life Skills Management:
    1. Earn a Living Wage
    2. Seek Opportunities for Advancement
    3. Work Life Balance
    4. Paid Equity
    5. Non Traditional Trades

    We Are The Women Of Color

    Our Vision is:

    We foster social equality in health, education and economic development by bringing communities together to serve the common good.


    Our Mission is:

    “Bringing communities together to serve the common good.”

    To enhance a community that addresses the diverse needs of its citizens through the attainment of equity in health, education and economic development.

    Our Team is Dedicated to Helping Others Find Equity in This World

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